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Who We Are?

Pita Animation is part of the Pita Creative Group which is engaged in making 2D and 3D animations. We provide a fairly extensive service and can adapt to your needs and customize characters, backgrounds, animated movements and much more.

Why Use Our Services

For your presentation

For your Educational School

For your Advertising Media

For Kids Entertainment

● For your Visualization


Animation Production House

Pita and Koko Animation

Let me introduce myself, my name is Pita and my sister Koko, I am here to accompany you all ..

Come on, start a new journey and follow our adventure! @pitakoko.official

Melody Animation

Melody cute - IP Pita Animation Studios

Animation from GNP Music

We work on animations for children's entertainment on YouTube GNP Music

Instagram feed Pita Animation Indonesia

Have any projects in mind?

We work on various kinds of animation projects as educational and entertainment media.